Fabric Folio Color Porcelain™ is a contemporary interpretation of textiles overlaid on a cement base. This subtle design highlights the natural movement and authentic striations of fabric. Unpolished and light polished finishes complement the on-target color palette for the most modern textile look available.

For details regarding purchasing Fabric Folio Color Porcelain™ tile, contact customerservice@wonderporcelain.com.

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Colors in this collection include FB01 Ivory FB02 Silver FB03 Taupe FB04 Black FB01HEXH1P Ivory Mosaic FB02HEXH1P Silver Mosaic FB03HEXH1P Taupe Mosaic FB04HEXH1P Black Mosaic FB01361P Ivory Mosaic FB02361P Silver Mosaic FB03361P Taupe Mosaic FB04361P Black Mosaic