Globally influenced, each color of Marble Folio Porcelain™ translates the unique details and beauty of the natural marble it is named for into porcelain tile. Each of the six colors has a distinct graphic inspired by marble found around the world, from the bardigio of Brazil to the statuary of Italy to Spain’s marfil.

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Colors in this collection include MA01 Statuary MA02 Daino Reale MA03 Frost MA04 Marfil MA05 Emperador Light MA06 Bardiglio MA01221P Statuary Mosaic MA01361P Statuary Mosaic MA02221P Daino Reale Mosaic MA02361P Daino Reale Mosaic MA03221P Frost Mosaic MA03361P Frost Mosaic MA04221P Marfil Mosaic MA04361P Marfil Mosaic MA05221P Emperador Light Mosaic MA05361P Emperador Light Mosaic MA06221P Bardiglio Mosaic MA06361P Bardiglio Mosaic