Simple sophistication defines No. 9 Porcelain™ with its classic cement visual and color palette of warm rich neutrals. Random linear mosaics are the ideal counterparts to the field tile, which includes multiple rectangles and planks, ranging from 8”x24” to 24”x48”. Decorative inserts add the perfect touch of colorful whimsy.

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Colors in this collection include NB10 Ivory NB11 Gray NB12 Dark Gray NB13 Toffee NB14 Black NB10RAND1P Ivory Mosaic NB11RAND1P Gray Mosaic NB12RAND1P Dark Gray Mosaic NB13RAND1P Toffee Mosaic NB14RAND1P Black Mosaic NB15881P Color Mixture Color Mixture NB16881P Color Mixture NB17881P Color Mixture NB18881P Color Mixture NB19881P Color Mixture NB20881P Color Mixture NB21881P Color Mixture NB22881P Color Mixture NB23881P Color Mixture NB24881P Beige NB25881P Red Brown NB26881P Dark Gray NB27881P Black