Recreating the look of French limestone, Carrington Stone Color Porcelain™ replicates the captivating variation, soft veining and warmth that come from weathered stone and the passage of time. Modular sizing allows for classic stone patterning and staggered looks.

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Colors in this collection include CR01 Ivory Blend CR02 Blue Gray CR03 Brown Blend CR01HEX41P Ivory Blend Mosaic CR02HEX41P Blue Gray Mosaic CR03HEX41P Brown Blend Mosaic CR01SQRE881P Square - Ivory Blend CR01RHOM881P Rhom - Ivory Blend CR01CUBE881P Cube - Ivory Blend CR02SQRE881P Square - Blue Gray CR02RHOM881P Rhom - Blue Gray CR02CUBE881P Cube - Blue Gray CR03SQRE881P Square - Brown Blend CR03RHOM881P Rhom - Brown Blend CR03CUBE881P Cube - Brown Blend