Mars Stone Color Porcelain™ is the collection that has it all. This technical porcelain boasts three finishes—matte, lappato and textured—as well as the most popular field tile sizes which are complemented by three mosaic sizes, including a random linear mosaic that blends all three textures. Mars Stone exudes refined elegance; its minimalist design is softened by intricate design elements in one-on-tone and subtly contrasting colors.

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Colors in this collection include MS01 White MS02 Ivory MS03 Light Gray MS04 Toffee MS05 Dark Gray MS06 Black MS01RAND1P White Mosaic MS02RAND1P Ivory Mosaic MS03RAND1P Light Gray Mosaic MS04RAND1P Toffee Mosaic MS05RAND1P Dark Gray Mosaic MS06RAND1P Black Mosaic MS01221P-MS01221T Ivory Mosaic MS01361P White Mosaic MS02221P-MS02221T Ivory Mosaic MS02361P Ivory Mosaic MS03221P-MS03221T Light Gray Mosaic MS03361P Light Gray Mosaic MS04221P-MS04221T Toffee MS04361P Toffee Mosaic MS05221P-MS05221T Dark Gray Mosaic MS05361P Dark Gray Mosaic MS06221P-MS06221T Black Mosaic MS06361P Black Mosaic