From super white and black to of-the-moment light blue, the hues found in the No. 12 Color Porcelain™ collection make up a designer’s go-to palette, with five warm and five cool tones. This minimalist, technical porcelain has polished and unpolished finishes and a versatile size package including planks and rectangles. Random liner mosaics and 2”x2” mosaics complete the picture

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Colors in this collection include NB50 Super White NB51 Avorio NB52 Beige NB53 Silver Gray NB55 Blue NB54 Ash Gray NB56 Grigio NB57 Tobacco NB58 Nero NB59 Super Black NB50RAND1P Super White Mosaic NB51RAND1P Avorio Mosaic NB52RAND1P Beige Mosaic NB53RAND1P Silver Gray Mosaic NB55RAND1P Blue Mosaic NB54RAND1P Ash Gray Mosaic NB56RAND1P Grigio Mosaic NB57RAND1P Tobacco Mosaic NB58RAND1P Nero Mosaic NB59RAND1P Super Black Mosaic NB50221P Super White Mosaic NB51221P Avorio Mosaic NB52221P Beige Mosaic NB53221P Silver Gray Mosaic NB54221P Ash Gray Mosaic NB55221P Blue Mosaic NB56221P Grigio Mosaic NB57221P Tobacco Mosaic NB58221P Nero Mosaic NB59221P Super Black Mosaic